Depok, West Java (ANTARA) - Economist and former cabinet minister Bambang Brodjonegoro adjudged the economic performance of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as being among the best in the world.

"If we see by region, ASEAN is one of the regions whose economy is relatively stable, with high growth, controlled inflation, and better people's prosperity," Brodjonegoro stated here on Wednesday (June 7).

Brodjonegoro remarked that despite its shortcoming, ASEAN remains an essential asset for its members while emphasizing the need to step up efforts to bolster cooperation in economics, trade, and investment among ASEAN members.

Indonesia, as the current holder of the ASEAN Presidency, can also be an example for the bloc's countries since it has been ranked among the top 15 global economies and achieved the status of upper middle-income nation, the former minister noted.

By cooperating and learning the best methods, fellow ASEAN countries can follow Indonesia's lead to bolster its economic performance.

Brodjonegoro said that Indonesia has participated in various forms of collaboration, including in the ASEAN Free Trade Area, and engaged in trade partnerships with other countries.

The economist emphasized that Indonesia's current focus should not merely be on increasing the quantity of cooperation, but rather, to ensure it will benefit the country and its people.

"We should not be complacent though we have engaged in various (forms of) cooperation. We still have many works to do while we cooperate with other countries," Brodjonegoro stressed.

Indonesia could also advance its cooperation in the areas of trade and import-export as well as in terms of investment and technology transfer, he noted.

"I believe we can cooperate in more aspects with fellow members of ASEAN that have been known for long as a solid regional organization," the economist remarked.

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Translator: Feru Lantara, Nabil Ihsan
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