The training is expected to help the government handle violence cases and assist the children, who fell victim to such cases
Biak, Papua (ANTARA) - The Papua Provincial Government is working in collaboration with the United Nations Children's Funds (UNICEF) to hold child protection service training.

"This is an integrated child protection service training that is in line with the government's commitment to providing services and assistance to women and children, who fell victims to violence," Head of the Women and Children Protection Division at Papua's Office of Social, Population, Women Empowerment, and Children Protection Yosephine Wandosa stated in Biak, Friday.

Wandosa affirmed that the government is committed to assisting victims of violence by providing them with several services, such as health and medical treatments and psychological examination services that involve clinical psychologists.

In addition, the government is providing legal assistance and safe houses to child victims.

"The training is expected to help the government handle violence cases and assist the children, who fell victim to such cases," Wandosa noted.

Meanwhile, the representative from Biak District Semuel Rumaikeuw stressed that the efforts to handle and protect child victims of violence required cross-sectoral collaboration.

"It should be noted that the handling of such a problem cannot be done by the government alone. This matter requires collaboration," he remarked.

Bearing that in mind, support and cooperation between all related regional governmental apparatus institutions (OPDs) and stakeholders at the central, provincial, district, and village levels are of the essence, Rumaikeuw stated.

"Such a collaboration is essential to provide a sense of safety to the child victims of violence in this region as well as properly and comprehensively handle their conditions," he affirmed.

Rumaikeuw noted that the child protection service training is taking place on June 9-10 through cooperation between UNICEF, the University of Indonesia, regional governments, the prosecutor's office, and the police.

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