Police should comprehensively probe sexual violence case in Baubau

Police should comprehensively probe sexual violence case in Baubau

The Women's Empowerment and Child Protection Ministry's Deputy for Special Protection of Children, Nahar. (ANTARA/ HO-Kemen PPPA)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Women's Empowerment and Child Protection Ministry urged the police to thoroughly investigate a sexual violence case in which two girls aged nine and four were exploited in Baubau City, Southeast Sulawesi.

"The ministry hopes that this case can be resolved rightfully in order to achieve a sense of justice for the victims," the ministry's Deputy for Special Protection of Children Nahar stated here on Saturday.

Currently, Nahar said, his side has conducted intensive coordination with the National Police's Criminal Investigation Agency in following up on this case.

The ministry also said it planned to send criminal experts as per the request of the province's office of women's empowerment, child protection, population control, and family planning (P3APPKB).

"Due to the shortage of criminal experts, both in Southeast Sulawesi and Baubau City, we will send criminal experts. Let us supervise this legal process together, so that the law is truly enforced and gives a sense of justice to the victims," Nahar explained.

He emphasized that the ministry is committed to providing assistance to victims.

According to Nahar, Baubau City's related technical unit reached the victims' home on January 5, 2023, a day after their mother reported to the unit.

"Social workers conducted an initial assessment on February 14, and a psychological counseling service was provided," Nahar revealed.

Furthermore, he said, doctors will provide complete physical health services to the victims that will be followed up by advanced psychological treatment and assessment by social workers.

As the victims still go to school, coordination will be conducted with the local education office, so they can continue with schooling.

The sexual violence case was reported by the victim's mother to the Baubau Police Station at the end of last year. After an investigation, the police named the victim's 19-year-old brother as a suspect.

However, the victim's mother denied the accusation of her son being the perpetrator and insisted that he was not the wrongdoer.

"This certainly needs to be investigated again and proven in the law enforcement process," Nahar remarked. 

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