The establishment of the hospital is very important because (the quality of) the health sector will highly affect the welfare of the community.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil has said that he expects the establishment of an international-standard hospital in Depok to help improve the quality of life of the people living in the province.

He made the remarks at the inauguration ceremony marking the construction of the hospital in Depok, West Java province, on Tuesday.

He said that the COVID-19 outbreak made him realize the importance of improving health services for the community.

As the province with the highest population on Java Island, which records at least 800 thousand pregnancies every year, West Java needs at least 20 new hospitals, the governor noted.

However, the establishment of health service infrastructure, such as community health centers and hospitals, is not evenly distributed in the region, and needs to be increased, he stated.

Furthermore, the construction of an international hospital in West Java is important because many people in the province suffer from heart disease, stroke, and cancer, he added.

"Hopefully, (by developing a world-class hospital) the health of our people can improve,” Kamil remarked.

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Hence, his administration has lauded all stakeholders involved in the development of the international hospital.

"The establishment of the hospital is very important because (the quality of) the health sector will highly affect the welfare of the community," he emphasized.

The governor noted that the development of the hospital is also crucial to ensure that all people have equitable access to excellent health facilities.

In addition, he said he expected that the international-standard hospital would also help West Java to become a leading province in providing health services to the community.

"Hopefully, starting today, we (the provincial government) will be able to build 20 hospitals throughout West Java in the coming years as well as hundreds -- or even thousands -- of community health centers with world-class technology," he added.

The hospital, which will be named Aspen Medical Hospital Depok, is being developed by Sanusa Medika.

Sanusa Medika is a joint venture company established by Australia-based health companies, Aspen Medical and Docta Pty Ltd, in collaboration with the West Java regional-owned enterprise (BUMD) PT Jasa Sarana.

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