Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Cooperatives and SMEs Ministry pursues the digital entrepreneur (digipreneur) program in a bid to boost Indonesia's digital economy.

"The government is very committed to creating an inclusive, agile, and sustainable digital economy ecosystem," Deputy for Entrepreneurship at the ministry Siti Azizah stated in a virtual speech during the Entrepreneur Hub Program in Batu, East Java, as quoted from a statement received here on Thursday.

Azizah explained that efforts to develop digital entrepreneurship are being made in order to ensure that everyone, including MSMEs with no knowledge of digital aspects, can tap into the potential of digital economic growth.

Azizah said Indonesia's digital economy potential is the largest in Asia, as showcased by records in 2022 that the state's digital economy was valued at US$77 billion.

However, the deputy highlighted that in comparison with Malaysia, which only clocked US$21 billion in the same year, the neighboring country has a better digital ecosystem. She remarked that Malaysian MSMEs are familiar with third-party uses for their digital marketing.

"Hence, they are no longer caught up with dynamic, time-consuming digital marketing, so they can focus on production. Even the logistical aspects are handled by the third party," she pointed out.

The Entrepreneur Hub Program is currently hosted in Batu, East Java, as a means to push the emergence of opportunity-based entrepreneurs, she remarked.

Such entrepreneurs spotted opportunities and created their innovative and creative ideas, thereby developing them into sustainable businesses, she noted.

Azizah highlighted that some interesting aspects in the current event, in which all participants, some of whom have interest and basic skills in digital economy, will be coached to become digital entrepreneurs.

Support should not cease once the digital entrepreneurs finished the coaching, but their business must be facilitated by access to services, so they can grow well and garner several customers, she stated.

She also expected the program to be able to motivate people to establish collaboration with others and create an entrepreneurship ecosystem through other innovative programs in the coming years.

"This Entrepreneur Hub Program is not a hit and run activity, as it is (not) only done once and left just like that. This program comprises some activities, whose success depends on commitments from the collaborators," she said.

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Translator: Kuntum Khaira R, Mecca Yumna
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