Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Cooperatives and SMEs Ministry hosts the Entrepreneur Development Program as a platform to facilitate shared goals of young business players in agrobusiness, handicraft, services, and tech sectors through business consultations and coaching.

"Cooperatives and SMEs Ministry revolutionizes the program, which initially aimed to share knowledge through trainings, (and changing it) to sharing goals in order to achieve short-term targets of the business players in order to scale up and improve company governance," Deputy of Entrepreneurship at the Ministry Siti Azizah stated here on Wednesday.

Azizah remarked that currently, 2,300 entrepreneurs had cleared the assessment, thereby becoming eligible for participation in the Entrepreneur Development 2023 Program. Of the figure, 800 can receive business consultation, and 1,500 people can get business coaching.

Participants, who cleared for the business consultation opportunity, were selected on the basis of parameters listed in the assessment that comprised business, the model, profit and loss report, business strategy plan, and business contribution for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), she remarked.

"The business consultation aspect of the Entrepreneur Development Activity involves 16 consultants, all of whom are business practitioners in agrobusiness, services, tech, and handicraft sectors," she added.

Azizah also highlighted that the program involves 20 facilitators, who will observe, map out, and resolve the issue by connecting the entrepreneur to the relevant consultant or established ecosystem.

The business consultation covers some topics, such as thematic discussion, growth sprint to achieve short-term growth target, online and offline discussions, as well as networking aimed at expanding the enterprises, she elaborated.

Meanwhile, business coaching activities will kick off in mid-June of 2023, Azizah affirmed.

In one of the event's sessions, participants were reminded of the importance of making less waste from each production step.

A participant, Siska, who also owned the De Honje Home Spa, said she just realized that her production method had adhered to the principle of sustainability, as her scrub production process utilized orange peels and coffee grounds.

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Translator: Kuntum Khaira R, Mecca Yumna
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