Padang, West Sumatra (ANTARA) - The West Sumatra Provincial Government distributed 83 sacrificial animals to disadvantaged, frontier, and outermost (3T) villages in 19 districts and cities on Eid al-Adha Day.

"The sacrificial animals were 80 cows and three goats that have arrived there," West Sumatra Governor Mahyeldi stated here on Thursday.

Mahyeldi elaborated that some 64 cows came from civil servants from 54 regional apparatus organizations (OPDs), while 16 cows and three goats were from the provincial religious affairs office.

According to Mahyeldi, the number of sacrificial animals distributed by the provincial government this year had increased significantly as compared to 28 cows in the previous year.

"This is also a form of concern of the civil servants and local governments for people in need in all West Sumatra regions," he remarked.

He said the provincial government should ensure yearly provision of sacrificial animals for people living in remote areas, so as to offer a sense of joy to all West Sumatrans during Eid al-Adha.

Meanwhile, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) sent a Limousin cross-breed sacrificial cow weighing 1,080 kilograms to West Sumatra.

The cow was then slaughtered at the Great Mosque of West Sumatra along with the sacrificial cows offered by Governor Mahyeldi and from the mosque congregation.

"We are very grateful because every year, President Joko Widodo always sends a sacrificial cow to the people of West Sumatra," he remarked.

This year, the president's sacrificed cow was distributed to Padang City's residents, while last year, it was distributed to Pasaman communities affected by the earthquake.

Earlier, the West Sumatra provincial government took a look at some superior-quality cows to be picked as the president's sacrificial cow for the people.

Head of West Sumatra's Livestock and Animal Health Office, Sukarli, stated that the selected cow had passed the health examination process and met the sharia law requirements before being declared fit for sacrifice.

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Translator: Miko E, Kenzu
Editor: Sri Haryati
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