Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Food Agency (NFA) and the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the provision of seeds and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for food data processing.

"We hope this collaboration will have a major impact on the national food sector, considering that BRIN is the most credible state institution in the field of research and innovation in Indonesia," NFA Head Arief Prasetyo Adi said here on Tuesday.

The collaboration will cover food-strengthening programs, including aspects of food availability and stability, alleviation of food insecurity and lack of nutrition, as well as the diversification of consumption and food security.

"One of the urgent cooperations with BRIN is developing and integrating data on food supplies and prices throughout the region. We must know exactly how much are the supplies of nine staples in the regions," Adi explained.

According to him, the availability of the nine staples (rice, sugar, cooking oil, meat, eggs, milk, shallots and garlic, fish, and salt) is very crucial for determining policy direction.

NFA and BRIN have previously collaborated on some programs, such as the formulation of standards for rice and vanilla quality and the conduct of a study on Indonesia's position in the Codex International forum.

The two institutions also worked together to provide technical recommendations for the Certificate of Good Handling Implementation (SPPB PSAT) issuance and AI development for predicting food prices.

"Before the MoU, we have worked a lot with BRIN. The signing further strengthens the collaboration that has been established very well," Adi said.

One of the latest collaborations between NFA and BRIN was the demonstration of a quality seed planting area in Sukamandi, West Java, along with state food holding company ID FOOD and Sang Hyang Seri, a member of ID FOOD.

In the demonstration area, NFA asked for BRIN's support for preparing quality seeds that would be cultivated massively for fulfilling the Government Rice Reserve (CBP).

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