Jakarta (ANTARA) - House Speaker Puan Maharani called on Muslims to take the 1445 Islamic New Year as a time to emulate national values and grow social awareness among one another.

"Muslims can also reflect upon the national (paradigm) in maintaining togetherness, pursuing unity, and raising a sense of nationalism and pride over the identity of Indonesia as a country brimming with pluralism," Maharani noted as per a statement received here on Wednesday.

The House speaker also called on Indonesian Muslims to make the Islamic New Year a time to maintain unity and to self-reflect.

"Islamic New Year serves as a moment for Muslims to reflect upon themselves, (gauging) their beliefs and piety, so they can become better in praying and doing good deeds," she affirmed.

The House speaker urged Muslims to also recall, learn, and adopt the values that can be found in the tale of Prophet Muhammad's pilgrimage and implement it in their daily lives.

Maharani also noted that the Islamic New Year reminds Muslims to dismiss negative habits and become a better person that promotes peace, harmony, and tolerance.

"Commemoration of Islamic New Year must encourage Muslims to follow the teachings of Prophet PBUH. In the moment of Islamic turn of the year, it is best for Muslims to also conduct (proverbial) pilgrimage by leaving bad things and awful attitudes and adopting better habits," she remarked.

She expressed hope that the spirit to change during the Islamic New Year would strengthen national unity, as in her opinion, Indonesia has been blessed with diverse types of people.

"Beneath the wealth of this diversity, there is this big responsibility which all ummah in Indonesia must maintain well, that is unity," she pointed out.

Hence, Indonesians have to ensure the national wealth, that being diversity, by living in accordance with the national motto of "Unity in Diversity" in all aspects.

She also commended Muslims, who have commemorated the Islamic New Year with their cultural approaches.

"Our nation is rich for its culture, which makes the harmony in national diversity all the more beautiful. Maintaining national culture is the responsibility of all citizens," she added.

Maharani believes that only by maintaining unity can Indonesia stand tall and be known as a sovereign, just, and prosperous state.

She expected that the religious occasion of Islamic New Year would be able to inspire believers in pursuing national unity so as to develop Indonesia for the better.

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