Jakarta (ANTARA) - South Korean Ambassador to Indonesia Lee Sang-deok stated that South Korea supports the development of IKN Nusantara (Nusantara Capital City) in East Kalimantan.

"South Korea supports the development of Nusantara Capital City. We hope that the construction would run successfully," Lee noted in a statement in Jakarta, Friday.

Lee expressed optimism that the development of Nusantara Capital City would run smoothly and successfully.

Indonesia and South Korea already have a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Technical Cooperation in the Relocation and Development of IKN that will become the basis for a bilateral mechanism as well as the basis for South Korean companies to actively contribute in working together to build IKN.

Head of the Implementation Division for Regional Arrangement of the IKN Infrastructure Development Task Force of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (PUPR) Didiet Arief Akhdiat stated that one of the developments to be conducted was the construction of a clean water supply system for IKN, with a capacity of 350 liters per second.

"We have started to cooperate with South Korea in the clean water sector, wherein the financing is from the state budget but the design is from South Korea," Akhdiat revealed.

He expressed optimism that in future, technical assistance would be provided related to waste water and solid waste and it could also be related to roads.

South Korean Ambassador to Indonesia, Lee Sang-deok, accompanied by Head of the Implementation Division for Regional Arrangement of the IKN Infrastructure Development Task Force of the Ministry of PUPR, Didiet Arief Akhdiat, visited the area of Nusantara Capital City.

Lee was present along with seven delegates comprising the embassy team, K-Water delegates, and business delegates from South Korea. On this occasion, Akhdiat stated that the South Korean ambassador's visit is a form of readiness to establish cooperation in the development at IKN.

"(They) want to see how far the development of Nusantara Capital City has reached, so that later, when there is a further visit from the South Korean leaders, they will have a big picture of IKN and its (developmental) progress," Akhdiat stated.

The group had the opportunity to visit the Sepaku Semoi Dam and review the development progress that had reached 92.77 percent as well as see the IPA land funded by a grant from the South Korean government that is currently in the DED process and is expected to be completed in December 2023.

The group then headed to Point Zero and the View Tower of West Axis National Street to witness the progress in construction of the Presidential Palace, Ceremony Field, and the Office of the Coordinating Ministries.

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