Jakarta (ANTARA) - An official from the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry has said that the promotion of Indonesian culinary dishes abroad should be strengthened to allow them to compete with foreign ones.

According to the ministry's expert staff for innovation and creativity, Restog Krisna Kusuma, Indonesia has several types of popular culinary dishes, such as fried chicken, fried rice, chicken skewers (satay), and beef soup with pangium (rawon).

Therefore, the promotion of Indonesian cuisine globally must be encouraged to allow it to compete with foreign culinary dishes.

"We have to know our potential and how to develop it. We have great culture ranging from art to culinary. If we do not promote it, we will lose to other countries," he added in Jakarta on Thursday.

Besides a variety of foods, coffee beans from Indonesia are also known to have the best quality in the world and are widely used by foreign coffee shop chains, Kusuma noted.

"Indonesian coffee beans are one of the best in the world. However, when we visit a coffee shop in Seattle (United States), they do not know what Sumatra is, even though Sumatra produces the best coffee, which is used all over the world, along with Manggarai and Gayo as well," he expounded.

Therefore, he emphasized efforts to introduce domestic culinary diversity to the world community so that it is recognized globally.

Earlier, East Java's signature beef soup, rawon, was named the most delicious soup in the world in the list of "10 Best Rated Soups in the World" released by theTaste Atlas in July 2023.

Indonesian fried chicken was also listed as the best fried chicken dish in the world by the same online guide.

Based on these achievements, the ministry will implement a strategy to promote Indonesian cuisine to the world through the Indonesia Spice Up the World program.

According to Kusuma, the program is an effort to introduce Indonesian spices and processed food products and increase their sales globally.

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