Jember, Jawa Timur (ANTARA) - A young Japanese figure and the founder of Nippon Donation Foundation, Yuma Muranushi, visited Al Ghofilin Islamic Boarding School, Jember District, East Java, to discuss ways to spread the spirit of peace.

Muranushi and his entourage were received by TPQ Al Ghofilin caretaker Muhammad Jaddin Wajad, also known as Gus Jaddin, and chairperson of the Dhikr Council, Sholawat Al Ghofilin KH Baiquni Purnomo, or Gus Baiqun, at the boarding school on Thursday evening.

"I want to create world peace that is easily accepted by everyone, including among those in the pesantren," Muranushi said in Jember.

He and his entourage chose to visit Wajad at Al Ghofilin Islamic Boarding School because they felt they shared similar views on the nation, state, and international relations, particularly on how to contribute to efforts to create world peace.

Wajad and Muranushi also hold similar interests in children's education. Wajad, who is running an Islamic Education Institute at Al Ghofilin Islamic Boarding School, and Muranushi are focusing on making donations to support children's education.

The two young figures also have similar views regarding the development of contemporary art and culture while retaining the common thread of values in cultural arts.

"I really appreciated the hospitality of the Jember residents and students when we visited the Al Ghofilin Islamic Boarding School. The welcome was very warm, and they are happy to welcome us," he said.

Muranushi also expressed the hope of collaborating with all alumni of Al Ghofilin Islamic Boarding School who are active at the national and international levels to end wars and conflicts in the world so that peace can be realized.

Meanwhile, Wajad welcomed the visit by Muranushi and his entourage to see how far the activities of the Islamic boarding school, which is located in the center of Jember city, have come.

"I want to create world peace and try my best to make it happen. Humans with mutual respect can create peace that is done wholeheartedly," he said.

Wajad, who is the grandson of KH Achmad Shiddiq, expressed the hope that cooperation with the Nippon Foundation in the field of education would be carried out to develop better Islamic boarding school education by spreading the spirit of peace.

Muranushi, Wajad, and Purnomo also held a podcast at the boarding school in which they discussed world peace and education. The podcast was held after the visitors took a tour of the pesantren and visited the graves of the founders of the pesantren.

The Nippon Foundation founder, along with dozens of guests from Japan, are visiting Jember to attend the Jember Fashion Carnaval, which will be held from August 4–6, 2023.

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Translator: Zumrotun S, Azis Kurmala
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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