"We consider that IKN is a futuristic city whose construction will only be completed in 2045,"
Balikpapan, East Kalimantan (ANTARA) - Several universities have agreed to cooperate in a consortium to build the new capital city (IKN) Nusantara based on the results of research and science, IKN Authority Head Bambang Susantono stated on Friday.

"Within the consortium, the IKN Authority and universities will work together," he remarked during his visit to Samboja Lodge, Samboja Lestari, a facility managed by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) in Samboja, Balikpapan.

On that occasion, the IKN Authority signed a memorandum of understanding with rectors of the University of Indonesia (UI), Brawijaya University, Gadjah Mada University (UGM), the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB), and the Dean of the School of Life Sciences and Technology of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) for development of the consortium.

According to Susantono, the consortium will be realized in the form of a research center called Nusantara Institute based on various sciences to support the IKN development.

Research will also be conducted to respond to problems and challenges in IKN and Indonesia, in general, Susantono stated.

"We consider that IKN is a futuristic city whose construction will only be completed in 2045," he remarked.

Various program proposals were already being put forward by the rectors and deans. IPB Rector Professor Arif Satria, for instance, conveyed the need to build a Genetic Bank or Nuftah Plasma Savings consisting of biodiversity in IKN.

Meanwhile, UGM Rector Professor Ova Emilia voiced the need to apply local Indonesian wisdom regarding traditional medicines.

Meanwhile, ITB Dean Endah Sulistyawati drew attention to the importance of steps to prepare the community residing around the central government regarding changes that will occur.

Furthermore, BOSF Regional Manager Aldrianto Priadjati stated that his institution is also experienced in rehabilitating critical land and reforestation.

"We are reforesting 1,800 hectares of BOSF land from grasslands, starting with planting perennials to attract animals to come,” he explained.

"With maintenance, we need more than 16 years to achieve a green environment as it is now," he remarked.

However, he said that IKN, which originated from the Industrial Plantation Forest (HTI) area, can be maintained easily since HTI already has soil containing maintained nutrients.

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