Jakarta (ANTARA) - Public's lacking digital literacy skills is the causal factor behind the occurrence of hate speeches and hoaxes on social media, Communication and Media Study Center (P2KM) of Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta stated.

"This lack of understanding of digital literacy then still causes hate speech and hoaxes. We are responsible for reminding people around us to reduce hate speech and hoaxes," P2KM Executive Director Deden Mauli Darajat noted in a statement received here on Saturday.

Darajat believes that the people's lack of understanding of digital literacy is a factor that leads them to be imprudent in expressing opinions and ideas.

"Hence, as a result, they easily express opinions or spread negative opinions that cause polemical vulnerabilities," he pointed out.

Hence, Darajat opined that by acquiring digital literacy skills, people would be able to think wisely in accessing, processing, and disseminating information on social media.

To this end, he invited all parties to participate in campaigning for the importance of digital literacy in building a positive democratic climate to welcome the political year.

"Our maturity in democracy in the digital space is really needed, especially in political years that tend to be sensitive," he emphasized.

Darajat also invited the public to make the polemic arising over the statement by political observer Rocky Gerung allegedly insulting the president's dignity as a reflection in giving constructive criticism in order to prevent division and being entangled in legal offenses.

"Digital literacy campaign programs can be carried out by various parties that care about a healthy democratic climate, especially by government agencies, educational institutions, and even social organizations," he affirmed.

Darajat also reminded that although the state guarantees freedom of opinion as stated in Article 28 of the 1945 Constitution and Law Number 40 of 1999 on the press, the public must still be wise in choosing their words to be conveyed to the public.

"Many people are unable to distinguish between criticism, sarcasm, blasphemy, and utterances of hatred that are prone to divide society because actually, there is no freedom to spread hatred, incitement, and slander in the name of democracy," he remarked.

He underscored the need for awareness among politicians and election contestants to build a better Indonesia by presenting a good vision and mission as well as an elegant campaign to produce quality executive and legislative leaders.

"Every contestant in the 2024 election must build good political will, so that democratic parties can run smoothly and successfully without divisions in society," he emphasized.

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