Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) stated that the 2024 State budget draft, amounting to Rp660.8 trillion, will be allocated to education funds as an effort to build superior, innovative, and competitive human resources (HR).

"The education budget has been prepared of the amount of Rp660.8 trillion, or 20 percent of the state budget, reflected in the central government spending allocation of Rp237.3 trillion, transfers to regions of Rp346.6 trillion, and investment financing of Rp77 trillion," he remarked at the 2024 state budget draft and financial notes meeting during the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR RI) Plenary Meeting for 2023-2024 in Jakarta, Wednesday.

According to Jokowi, Indonesia ought to make the most of the demographic bonus and prepare to face technological disruptions.

Moreover, the president remarked that the mental revolution should continue to be implemented as an effort to realize productive, innovative, and globally competitive human resources, with noble character, while maintaining the nation's cultural identity.

Jokowi then noted that efforts to improve the quality of Indonesian human resources are being made in several aspects, such as by increasing the competence of teachers and education staff; equal distribution of education quality through increasing the distribution of teachers and educational infrastructure; as well as improving the quality of Early Childhood Education (PAUD).

In addition, increasing access to education at all levels of education; improving the quality of infrastructure supporting educational activities, especially in underdeveloped, outermost, and frontier areas; as well as strengthening the connectivity of vocational education with the labor market are also necessary, Jokowi stressed.

The government is also committed to strengthening investment in education, including by supporting the expansion of scholarship programs, promoting culture, strengthening world-class universities, and developing research and innovation, the president remarked.

In order to support healthy and productive human resources, Jokowi stated that the government has budgeted Rp186.4 trillion in health funds, equivalent to 5.6 percent of the state budget.

He remarked that the budget will be utilized to facilitate healthy system transformation, encourage the development of a strong and competitive pharmaceutical industry, increase access to quality primary and referral health services, and ensure the availability of reliable health care facilities from upstream to downstream.

Furthermore, the health budget is utilized to streamline the National Health Insurance Program (JKN) and accelerate efforts to reduce stunting prevalence to reach 14 percent in 2024.

This will be done by expanding the coverage of all districts and cities in Indonesia by strengthening synergy among various institutions, Jokowi affirmed.

Meanwhile, the social protection budget, amounting to Rp493.5 trillion, has been allocated. Through this effort, the state budget is expected to accelerate poverty reduction and improve the people's welfare to support long-term human resource development.

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