Jakarta (ANTARA) - Deputy Speaker of the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) Lestari Moerdijat has said the community and state officials' understanding of the 1945 Constitution needs to be improved continuously to accelerate development.

"The 1945 Constitution, which is the basis of Indonesia's law, must be a reference for every citizen in living life in a nation and state," she stressed here on Friday.

She made the statement in relation to Constitution Day, which is commemorated every August 18 in Indonesia.

Moerdijat said that besides serving as a legal basis, the 1945 Constitution also contains the ideals of independent Indonesia, the nation's philosophy, which is the basis for state administration, as well as goals for forming the Indonesian government.

"With the content of rules that are complete and interrelated with the articles in it, if there is an effort to adjust it to the development of the times through amendments to a number of articles in the 1945 Constitution, it must be carried out with great care through a thorough study," she added.

She further said efforts to amend the Constitution must be based on an evaluation that involves all elements of the nation.

The MPR deputy speaker expressed the hope that efforts to boost every citizen's understanding of the Constitution will be made so that several potential actions and policies that may violate it can be prevented.

"Moreover, the challenges that citizens are facing right now are getting more complex in the development process. Thus, a certainty that is sourced from the Constitution as a legal basis is needed," she said.

She also expressed the hope that the compliance of every citizen to what has been mandated by the Constitution would continue to be maintained in order to realize a fair and equitable development process for the welfare of all people.

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Translator: Fauzi, Raka Adji
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