Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian President Joko Widodo has called for a breakthrough in efforts to eradicate and handle drug abuse in the country.

"I ask all of us to look for a leap, a breakthrough, to handle and reduce this extraordinary crime (drugs) and solve it," he said during a limited meeting at Merdeka Palace in Jakarta on Monday.

He informed that he has been paying close attention to a number of drug-related issues, including the records of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) on drug abuse cases, which have reached 1.95 percent of society or 3.6 million people.

According to Widodo, those cases have also resulted in an excessive number of inmates being lodged in prisons.

The head of state then emphasized the need for strict law enforcement to deter perpetrators.

He also noted that many law enforcement officers have been found to be involved in drug abuse. Therefore, he asked that the officers involved be given strict legal sanctions.

"This is a note and firm action that must be taken against them," he emphasized.

Regarding the rehabilitation for drug users, President Widodo said the military commander has proposed that rehabilitation efforts be carried out in every regional military district, which has a capacity of approximately 300 to 500 people.

"They can be rehabilitated under the military watch. We will discuss the budget later," he disclosed.

Regarding prevention, the President has asked all relevant parties to handle the problem of drug smuggling properly.

"We must really pay attention to drug smuggling. We can start the work in the five or ten provinces with the highest drug abuse cases. We can start focusing on those provinces. We will decide it after the meeting," he said.

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Translator: Rangga Pandu A J, Resinta S
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