Ministry hopes Lake Maninjau Kelok 44 Fest can revive local culture

Ministry hopes Lake Maninjau Kelok 44 Fest can revive local culture

Director of Cultural Development and Utilization of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, Irini Dewi Wanti, and other invitees hit the tambua to open the FestDaMa-K44 in Agam, West Sumatra, on Saturday (September 16, 2023). ANTARA/Altas Maulana.

Agam, W Sumatra (ANTARA) - The Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry said that the Danau (Lake) Maninjau Kelok 44 Festival, or the FestDaMa-K44, held in Agam District, West Sumatra, can help revive the local cultural ecosystem.

The festival was opened by the hitting of Tambua Tasa, which according to the ministry's Director of Cultural Development and Utilization, Irini Dewi Wanti, is a set of traditional drums that has extraordinary rhythm.

"Tambua Tasa is made of wood, leather, and paintings that adorn the tambua. The drumbeat will not dim and has an extraordinary rhythm," she said here on Friday.

Meanwhile, Head of Agam District Education and Culture Office Isra expressed his appreciation for the ministry's support to the FestDaMa-K44 implementation.

"This activity aligns with Agam's vision to preserve local culture as it is very rich in art, culture, and tradition," he said.

He said the festival aimed to care for nature and traditions in Maninjau and became a platform for people to express their creativity and develop cultural values.

"Through this festival, Agam people practice traditional and cultural values. This is very important because we have many heritage. Maninjau is also the birthplace of great scholar Buya Hamka and other national figures," Isra said.

West Sumatra's expert staff for community development and human resources, Erinaldi, said that the festival can increase tourist visits that will contribute to the local economy.

"Activities like this, seminars, and competitions, are held to run the economy," he said.

The Danau Maninjau Kelok 44 Festival was held on September 15-17, 2023, with the events included a cultural film screening, planting fruit trees and an art parade in the Kelok 2 area, art performances, seminars, manjalo competition or catching fish with a traditional tool, and exhibition of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

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