It was found that (one of the) bullies had transferred schools before. Moving them is not enough, they need mentoring.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - In response to a case in Cilacap, Central Java, that left one bullied student hospitalized, Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy, stressed the importance of mentoring school students who indulge in bullying.

"It was found that (one of the) bullies had transferred schools before. Moving them is not enough — they need mentoring," he said here on Tuesday.

The alleged perpetrator of the bullying in Cilacap has transferred schools three times, he informed.

"It means there is some kind of deviant behavior that should have been addressed," he added.

Effendy said that certain actions taken against school bullies, such as moving them to a different school, often prove to be wrong solutions. Bullies need mentoring, he emphasized.

He said that he will discuss a mentoring program for bullies with the relevant parties, including the National Police (Polri), which has a directorate that handles cases of human trafficking and the protection of women and children.

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He said he and the National Police chief will discuss law enforcement against bullying cases.

"I will talk with the Polri chief and head of the Security Maintenance Agency (Kabaharkam) about how the police can be involved in handling bullying in schools," he informed.

He said that bullying cases cannot just be handed over to the authorities of educational institutions and families, but must involve cross-ministry scrutiny.

Furthermore, bullies should be processed legally based on the existing laws related to juvenile criminal offenders, Effendy said.

He further said that sanctions for teachers found negligent in handling bullying cases is a weak approach.

"We are not talking about sanction because it is a less soft approach. Teachers are responsible for their students, eight hours per day, according to the state apparatus provision," he added.

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