he school environment that does not support students to feel at ease has a high risk of bullying
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA) has continued to educate children, parents, and teachers about the risks of bullying as part of efforts to prevent the practice in schools.

"The ministry calls upon all parties to take action against bullying by raising awareness among students, parents, and teachers about its risks," said Nahar, Deputy for Special Protection of Children at the ministry, when contacted in Jakarta on Thursday.

He informed that the ministry is also re-evaluating the factors that could cause children to become victims or perpetrators of bullying, such as communication and parenting style, as well as peer relationships and influence.

In addition, the ministry is monitoring media content to ensure that it is appropriate for children to view.

"Teenagers are currently in a stage where they are searching for their own identities. So, they tend to imitate or emulate what they see. Therefore, it is crucial to supervise the information they consume from a variety of sources, including print, electronic, and social media," he said.

Nahar added that his ministry is also evaluating school environments and surroundings.

If the atmosphere is positive, the risk of bullying would be low, he explained. But if the environment is poor, then the chance of bullying would be high.

"The school environment that does not support students to feel at ease has a high risk of bullying," said Nahar.

As per the surveillance of classes, a negative school environment includes careless teachers or teachers who perpetrate bullying and students who fail to report bullying.

Then, he said, a lack of information about the dangers of bullying behavior in schools can lead to the practice, too.

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