New, privacy-centric, cloud-native capabilities help clients overcome signal loss, accurately connect customer views across the enterprise, and effectively reach more consumers throughout the ecosystem

San Francisco--(ANTARA/Business Wire)-- LiveRamp (NYSE: RAMP) today announced new clean room activation and cloud-first identity capabilities that empower clients to more effectively activate and connect their data while unlocking deeper analytics and audience insights. As a result, brands, publishers, and technology platforms can maximize the value of their first-party data, seamlessly unify and activate their data from any environment, and deepen consumer insights through more granular measurement—all within their existing enterprise technology stack or partner ecosystem.

With these platform enhancements, LiveRamp’s 900+ clients now benefit from:

Activation to Hundreds of Partners Directly from Snowflake’s and LiveRamp’s Data Clean Room. With LiveRamp’s next-generation, cloud-native clean room capabilities, clients can now activate their data with hundreds of partners directly from their collaboration platform of choice, including Snowflake and the LiveRamp Clean Room, with enhanced accuracy and connectivity.

With RampID™—the most durable, privacy-centric identifier for connecting the digital ecosystem—LiveRamp clients can take immediate action on new insights generated through secure partner collaborations while achieving incomparable scale and reach. With seamless connectivity to the industry’s most expansive, data-rich network, LiveRamp also offers the ability to activate across this ecosystem without the need to use multiple solutions or build a new integration for each partner and platform.

“Partnering with LiveRamp to evolve clean room capabilities through our Converged platform and ecosystem has helped to improve first-party data activation and create targeted, accurate audience segments – all from the same environment," said Mike Bregman, Chief Activation Officer at Havas Media Network North America. "This has enabled Havas Media to better assist clients who increasingly need cross-channel insights to reach business goals.”

“Data clean rooms have become a critical tool for delivering more customer intelligence to our brand partners while maintaining the transparency and control we require as a steward of our audiences’ data,” said Brian Lin, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Advertising at TelevisaUnivision. “The ability to activate directly out of LiveRamp’s next-generation clean room deepens the expanse of our strategic partnerships while maintaining the highest level of privacy protections.”

Industry-First Identity Resolution Across All Major Clouds. With cloud-native and embedded identity resolution capabilities, clients can now choose to expand their pseudonymised first-party data to include known data elements, such as CRM and email addresses, directly in their preferred cloud platform, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Databricks, and Snowflake. LiveRamp clients can now maximize marketing ROI from wherever their data lives.

Fragmentation of customer data makes unlocking person-based identity in the cloud an ongoing challenge. For example, 86% of consumers have multiple email addresses, which need to be resolved to an individual to enable best-in-class activation and measurement. Consumers also, on average, have 13 connected devices that may be leveraged for a holistic advertising and measurement strategy. Household-specific purchasing patterns are also changing, making it difficult to accurately measure attribution. Using LiveRamp’s cloud-first identity capabilities companies are able to address these challenges by resolving multiple personal identifiers back to an individual and a household, thus enhancing measurement and enabling more personalized advertising while minimizing the need for data movement.

“The ability to utilize LiveRamp’s technology without leaving our cloud environment is an incredible benefit,” said Seth Hirsh, Partner, Head of Analytics at Acadia. “As we look to our future on Snowflake, LiveRamp will give us the tools to streamline how we onboard data to cloud data warehouses, target audiences broadly across the ecosystem, and improve measurement outcomes for our clients without having to move data between environments.”

Kimberly Bloomston, SVP of Product at LiveRamp, added, “Bringing cloud-native, clean room-optimized activation and identity capabilities to the market ensures enterprises have the ability to scale data practices, maximize insights, and build flexibility for the future. The new features deliver access to otherwise inaccessible datasets, allowing them to simplify campaign activation and optimize the ability to reach consumers in a consistently accurate manner. With LiveRamp, businesses are empowered to evolve their digital transformation initiatives alongside the demands of a vastly fragmented ecosystem and complex journeys of their customers and partners, including clouds and clean rooms.”

LiveRamp continues to advance its solutions and power next-generation data collaboration across four critical components.

 • Live/Identity: Build the enterprise identity infrastructure to accurately identify and match customers across channels, partners, and platforms for the most connected customer view possible.
 • Live/Access: Expand the value of data, deepen customer understanding, and reach new audiences with LiveRamp’s network of high-quality data partners.
 • Live/Connectivity: Overcome signal loss, embrace the future of addressability, and connect with high-value audiences at scale, wherever they’re spending time.
 • Live/Insights: Fuel innovation and unlock powerful measurement and analytics with robust clean room capabilities, with advanced controls and permissioning and cutting-edge privacy-enhancing technologies built in.

Learn more about customizing LiveRamp’s solutions for your unique business needs on our website.

About LiveRamp

LiveRamp is the data collaboration platform of choice for the world’s most innovative companies. A groundbreaking leader in consumer privacy, data ethics, and enterprise identity, LiveRamp is setting the new standard for building a connected customer view with unmatched clarity and context while protecting precious brand and consumer trust. LiveRamp offers complete flexibility to collaborate wherever data lives to support the widest range of data collaboration use cases—within organizations, between brands, and across its premier global network of top-quality partners.

Hundreds of global innovators, from iconic consumer brands and tech giants to banks, retailers, and healthcare leaders turn to LiveRamp to build enduring brand and business value by deepening customer engagement and loyalty, activating new partnerships, and maximizing the value of their first-party data while staying on the forefront of rapidly evolving compliance and privacy requirements. LiveRamp is based in San Francisco, California with offices worldwide. Learn more at

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