Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Environment and Forestry Ministry reported that the forest and land fire that occurred on Mount Papandayan, Garut District, West Java, had been successfully brought under control by the firefighting team.

"We sent some tools and equipment to help with the fire put-out," the ministry's Director of Forest and Land Fire Control, Thomas Nifinluri, noted in a statement received here on Tuesday.

Nifinluri remarked that the fire occurred in the Tegal Alun Block in Mt. Papandayan, precisely in Cisurupan Sub-district, Garut.

The burned area was part of the West Java Conservation and Natural Resources Center (BBKSDA).

He noted that the burned area, which was often part of climbing tours, was covered with dry grass, wild weeds, and ferns that were highly flammable.

Nifinluri reminded that forest and land fires can also occur in other mountains in Indonesia. Hikers should be careful with fires and always pay attention to warnings and weather information provided by local agencies, he stated.

"Some 99 percent of forest and land fires are caused by human activities. They are either intentional or unintentional, such as throwing cigarette butts, unattended bonfires, and other factors," he pointed out.

He remarked that unattended bonfires, especially during the dry season and wind, can lead to huge forest and land fires.

Meanwhile, the West Java BBKSDA recorded that the burned land reached 100 hectares.

According to Head of West Java BBKSDA Irawan Asaad, the dry vegetation, wind, and remote location were three factors that made it challenging for the team to completely extinguish the fire.

Asaad explained that the fire spread easily due to the dry vegetation and the strong wind that kept the fire burning.

"The firefighting team rode motorcycles up to Post VII of Mt. Papandayan but must continue walking for an hour to get to the fire spot. The location makes it difficult to mobilize the team and the equipment," he remarked.

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Translator: Sugiharto P, Kenzu
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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