Jakarta (ANTARA) - There has been no attack targeting the base camp of the Indonesian contingent serving on the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) in southern Lebanon, the Foreign Affairs Ministry has said.

The statement was conveyed by the ministry's spokesperson, Lalu Muhamad Iqbal, in response to the increasing conflict between Israel and the Hezbollah group along the Lebanon-Israel border.

"All of the Indonesian contingent are in safe condition," Iqbal confirmed via text message on Thursday.

As per the ministry's records, there are 1,200 members in the Indonesian contingent serving in the UN temporary force in Lebanon. They are deployed in southern Lebanon, namely along the Lebanese-Israeli land and sea borders.

The Indonesian contingent already has a backup plan if security conditions worsen, Iqbal informed.

Earlier, Israeli President Isaac Herzog warned that Lebanon would suffer the consequences if the militant group that controls the south of the country, Hezbollah, attacked its territory in the same way as the Palestinian Hamas group did.

Herzog made the statement after Hezbollah launched air attacks on Israeli territory, triggering combat between the two parties, even as the Zionist state was waging a war with Hamas.

According to Herzog, Lebanon cannot plead innocence and ignore Hamas' continuous strikes on Israel. He accused Hezbollah of provoking Israel ever since its war with Hamas broke out.

The war between Israel and Hamas reignited on October 7, 2023. Not long after that, Hezbollah also attacked Israeli territories.

Israeli troops responded with retaliatory attacks on Hezbollah. Currently, the border conflict in southern Lebanon and Israel is also heating up.

"We do not want any confrontation on our northern border or with anyone," Herzog emphasized.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese government has claimed that it does not want to start a war with Israel. However, Israel has continued to threaten that it will attack Hezbollah camps.

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