Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia's Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) highlighted its commitment to preparing reliable digital infrastructure in the new capital city (IKN) Nusantara, East Kalimantan, to support the city's development.

"The Kominfo Ministry is present to support IKN by preparing digital infrastructure, such as the Electronic-Based Government System (SPBE) and a national data center (PDN)," the ministry's Director of Information and Communication of Economy and Maritime Affairs Septriana Tangkary remarked in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Tangkary made the statement during a discussion that was followed virtually in Jakarta.

In terms of the implementation of SPBE, she said, the Kominfo plays its role by consolidating all public services available, be it at ministries, agencies, and regional governments, in the hopes of facilitating the people to access the services offered.

Tangkary noted that as many as 2,700 data centers and 24 thousand public service digital applications are in existence while noting that not all of them are known and accessible by the people.

Hence, she stated that to ensure Indonesians, especially those who will reside in IKN, have easy access to all services offered by the government, the Kominfo is striving to integrate existing data centers and applications.

"We are preparing breakthroughs to provide the people in IKN with prime services by enhancing efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of the government through the implementation of SPBE," she elaborated.

Furthermore, Tangkary noted that her ministry has been investing efforts to develop PDNs in various regions in Indonesia, including in the country's future capital city, with the objective of supporting the realization of smart governance.

According to Tangkary, the Kominfo had started building the physical structure of a PDN in Bekasi, West Java, which is expected to complete its development in October next year.

A national data center in Batam, Riau Islands Province, has entered the tender-signing stage and is projected to conclude its development process in 2025.

As for a PDN in Nusantara, Tangkary emphasized that the Kominfo Ministry had resolved to build it despite not having commenced the development process.

"The PDN will be used by central and regional governments for enhancing the electronic systems and other components, storing and recovering data, and improving the quality of services offered," she noted.

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