Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia's National Library has shared best practices in library transformation based on social inclusion with five Colombo Plan member countries: Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.

"We are sharing best practices on library management, including training on how to promote libraries through social media, so that they can gain recognition within the wider community," said Nani Suryani, Head of the National Library's Center of Public and Special Library Development, on Friday.

She noted that the National Library also shared its successful experiences in engaging partners and stakeholders at the district, city, and village levels in library management.

"We conducted numerous activities, including mentoring and training. The most crucial aspect is teaching them how to use information technology for the development of regional libraries in their respective countries," she stated.

Suryani explained that her team has selected 10 regions in Indonesia that have implemented community empowerment for library implementation.

She said that community empowerment activities have a direct impact on improving the quality of library human resources in these regions.

The selected regions include Kulonprogo and Gunung Kidul in Yogyakarta; Karangasem in Bali; Banten; Brebes in Central Java; Gunung Putih in North Kalimantan; Sukabumi in West Java; Bangka Belitung; and Maros and Enrekang in South Sulawesi.

"We have chosen facilitators who can diligently mentor library activities, address every problem faced in villages, and develop innovative programs in these regions," Suryani stated.

Meanwhile, the Library's Head of Law, Organization, Cooperation, and Public Relations Bureau, Sri Marganingsih, stated that the training program and the sharing of best practices in library administration are part of Indonesia's active role in South-South and Triangular cooperation programs.

She expressed hope that sharing best practices in library administration would strengthen Indonesia's diplomacy through literacy.

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