Lake Toba Aquabike Jetski to attract 100 thousand tourists: InJourney

Lake Toba Aquabike Jetski to attract 100 thousand tourists: InJourney

The Lake Toba People's Party will be held on November 22-26, 2023, as part of the Aquabike Jetski World Championship event. (ANTARA/HO-Injourney)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - State tourism holding InJourney projects 100 thousand tourists at the 2023 Aquabike Jetski World Championship that will be held on Lake Toba, North Sumatra, on November 22-26.

"The Aquabike Jetski World Championship, which is held for five days in four districts, is estimated to attract around 80 thousand to 100 thousand spectators," InJourney's Director of Marketing and Tourism Program, Maya Watono, stated here on Tuesday.

The calculation is based on the achievement of holding the three-day F1 Powerboat Championship on Lake Toba in February 2023 that was able to attract around 50 thousand visitors.

To support the international-standard water sports event, the government will hold the "Lake Toba People's Party" on November 22-26 in the four districts of Samosir, Karo, Dairi, and Toba and is free and open to residents and tourists.

"We want the Lake Toba People's Party to be a lively festival that can attract more tourists. That way, the sustainable development of tourism and water sports can be maintained in Lake Toba," Watono stated.

Around 118 racers from 22 countries comprising 77 racers in the circuit category and 41 racers in the endurance category will take part in the championship.

Meanwhile, three Indonesian racers have confirmed their participation in the Aquabike Jetski World Championship. In addition, 300 crew members will accompany the racers.

"The ratio of racers to crew is 1:3 because it is the first time that the event is held in Lake Toba, so safety is a priority. We want to ensure that throughout the five days, the racers can cross all parameters of Lake Toba safely," Watono affirmed. 

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