Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Health emphasized the importance of pregnancy planning from before marriage to prevent health problems in mothers and children.

"Many prospective brides and grooms prepare for their marriage long before it but rarely do they prepare for pregnancy. Actually, it is more important because it will (affect) what kind of generations will be created," the ministry's Director of Mothers' and Children's Nutrition and Health, Lovely Daisy, stated.

She made the statement at a talk show event on prematurity and low birth weight that was monitored online here on Friday.

According to Daisy, women should prepare themselves well in advance to avoid health problems during pregnancy and after delivery.

She underscored the need for prospective brides and grooms to undergo health screening to know their health status before marriage.

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Daisy explained that prospective brides, who have been screened with anemia or micro-nutrient deficiencies, are advised to improve their health before marriage or to postpone pregnancy.

"If already pregnant, do at least six pregnancy checks, twice with a doctor, including an ultrasound test, one of which can be used to monitor fetal development," she remarked.

Daisy cautioned that if due attention is not paid to the health of the prospective mother before pregnancy, then risks, such as premature birth and babies being born with low birth weight of under 2.5 kilograms, can occur.

She underlined the importance of women staying healthy during pregnancy, as it can affect the condition of the fetus.

Daisy further emphasized the importance of meeting the nutritional needs of women and implementing a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy.

She remarked that family members, especially husbands, should support prospective mothers in maintaining their health throughout the pregnancy period by monitoring the fulfillment of their nutritional needs and helping to maintain their sound mental health.

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