Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Ministry of Transportation invited stakeholders from the government, academicians, and non-governmental organizations to support road safety in the country.

"We invite stakeholders, be it from the government, academicians, or non-governmental organizations, to support road safety," Inspector General of the Ministry of Transportation Arif Toha Tjahjagama said in a statement here on Sunday.

Tjahjagama stated that the road safety program is not only carried out by his ministry, the National Development Planning Ministry, the Public Works and Public Housing Ministry, the National Police (Polri), and the Ministry of Health as five pillars of safety but also needs the active role of various parties.

"Some of the global issues in the field of transportation that are currently being discussed are road safety and low-emission mobility," he remarked.

According to him, after the COVID-19 pandemic, the level of mobility of people and goods was high, which had an impact on the number of road accidents.

Polri data in 2022 showed that around 3 to 4 people died due to traffic accidents per day.

The Transportation Ministry expressed appreciation to people engaged in the field of road safety at the peak event of the 2023 National Road Safety Week (PNKJ) held in Jakarta with the theme of Teman Sejati (Safe and Careful on the Road Friends).

According to him, the PNKJ aligns with the world's safety campaign of the World Health Organization (WHO) with the aim of reducing traffic accident fatalities in Indonesia and raising public awareness of the importance of traffic rule compliance.

The Director of Road Transportation Facilities at the Ministry of Transportation, Danto Restyawan, said that the 2023 PNKJ aims to increase public awareness of traffic and road transportation safety so that a culture of traffic rule compliance can be realized.

Every year, the ministry's Directorate General of Land Transportation campaigns for road safety awareness in the community, including young children, students, communities, business people in the land transportation business sector, and the general public.

"The PNKJ is a yearly activity carried out by the Directorate General of Land Transportation. This activity is also carried out by 25 land transportation manager offices across Indonesia," Restyawan said.

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Translator: Ahmad Wijaya, Raka Adji
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