Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Transportation Ministry, through the Directorate General of Land Transportation, on Monday held an awareness-raising activity on the use of reflective stickers for freight transportation safety.

"The correct use of light reflective stickers, both by its technical specifications, and installation procedures will be able to reduce the risk of rear-end collision accidents that still often happen, especially at night," director of road transportation facilities, Danto Restyawan, said during the activity, which was held in Banda Aceh city, Aceh.

During the activity themed “Improving the Safety of Freight Transportation with the Rightful Use of Light Reflective Stickers,” Restyawan explained that the use of such stickers has been regulated by Ministerial Regulation No. PM 74 of 2021 concerning Motor Vehicle Safety Equipment.

The sticker installation procedures and specifications have also been regulated by the regulation issued by the director general of land transportation, he added.

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However, its application in the field has not met expectations, he said. Based on data from the National Police, the number of accidents in Indonesia per year is 100 thousand, which is still quite high, with the number of deaths pegged at 25 thousand.

Therefore, Restyawan said, road transportation safety is a major issue that needs to be addressed better.

According to him, rear-end and side collisions are the most common types of road accidents.

"The cause is the driver's visibility of the vehicle in front of him is not very clear due to the dark surroundings, lack of lighting, or the huge speed gap, like more than 30 km/h," he explained.

Hence, Restyawan said, one way to reduce the number of accidents is by installing reflective stickers.

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