Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Transportation Ministry noted that transportation service development in the National Tourist Strategic Area (KSPN) can contribute to growth of the country's tourism sector.

"KSPN should be accessible, safe, comfortable, and integrated with other transportation modes," the ministry's Director of Road Transport, Suharto, conveyed in a public discussion session in Jakarta on Thursday.

He remarked that the presence of transportation service in KSPN is in line with the government's efforts to develop several priority tourist destinations in Indonesia called "the new Bali."

Moreover, KSPN transportation helps to promote the tourist destination to attract more investment and bring economic growth to Indonesia, he remarked.

"We hope that the road passed by the transportation service for KSPN will grow with more investment to develop strategic areas for national tourism," Suharto remarked.

Suharto explained that his side is focusing on developing the accessibility service that not only serves inter-terminal routes but also routes from the terminal to KSPN and between KSPN.

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In addition, Suharto noted that the government has provided subsidies for KSPN transport to be more affordable for the public.

However, he stated that the transportation service at KSPN still faces some challenges related to the limited number of fleets and routes available.

Of the 10 priority tourist destinations included in KSPN, only 54 vehicles are available that had to serve a total of 34 routes with a relatively low demand.

Hence, his side coordinates with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to promote transportation services at KSPN destinations to increase the demand and operating fleets.

"The fleet is limited, and it impacted the route and the demand as well. We will coordinate with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to encourage dissemination of information of this transportation," Suharto noted.

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Translator: Farhan Arda N, Resinta Sulistiyandari
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