Rizhao, China (ANTARA/Xinhua-AsiaNet)- Recently, at the "Enterprises Boosting the Development of Villages" conference in Rizhao, the Donghanjia Village Freehand Sketching Workshop in Rizhao Economic and Technical Development Zone was recognized as a "model project" for fostering collaboration between villages and enterprises and driving rural revitalization.

Elegantly white Zen clothing adorned with delicate pink peony patterns creates a stunning display. Nearby, a serene landscape painting has emerged on a cardboard canvas. From scarves to bags to shoes, every item becomes a "carrier" of freehand sketching, showcasing its beauty.

The workshop serves as a platform for villagers to acquire basic skills, while some have even mastered the art of creating their own works. As a significant cultural and creative project, the workshop plays a pivotal role in fostering community collaboration, developing local economies, and exploring cultural development. In 2022, Asia Symbol Pulp Co., Ltd. invited professional artists, purchased painting brushes and pigments, and established a freehand sketching workshop. Over the course of six months, the project successfully trained 56 women without prior painting experience in various techniques, including intricate style painting, freehand brushwork, color painting, and farmer painting. This initiative not only created employment opportunities for women in the village and surrounding areas, but also contributed to the growth of the freehand sketching industry.

In the present day, the workshop is receiving a continuous influx of orders. It has successfully integrated resources and accumulated vast experience in developing a wide range of freehand sketching products. The trainees have transformed into exceptional painters and are now competing with one another. Excitingly, the village's intangible cultural heritage freehand sketching project recently received the "Award of Excellence" in the start-up group of the 5th Shandong Women's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. This achievement has injected fresh energy into the development of intangible cultural heritage within the village.

Cultural revitalization plays a vital role in the overall rural revitalization. The project aims to merge study tours, community charity activities, and cultural creative products, while emphasizing the aspects of inheritance, development, and utilization. By doing so, it endeavors to revive the contemporary allure of intangible cultural heritage and enhance the image of local rural revitalization.

Source: Party Group of Rizhao Economic and Technical Development Zone

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Caption: Women are engaged in daily practice of painting skills at the workshop.


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