Bali (ANTARA) - The Fiscal Policy Agency (BKF) of the Ministry of Finance hosted the Annual International Forum on Economic Development and Public Policy (AIFED) 2023 with the topic "The Fragmented World: Recalibrating Development Strategies."

The event will be hosted in Bali on December 6-7, 2023.

"We live in a fractured world. At the moment, the climate change agenda that you must confront as a global society is not just within Indonesia but also internationally," BKF Head Febrio Kacaribu stated in Bali on Wednesday.

The world is currently faced with the condition of global economic fragmentation caused by various factors, such as the geopolitical conditions that are heating up in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

This raises concerns about the impact that can arise on the investment, trade, and financial sectors of Indonesia.

"We see that Indonesia's role on the international stage is quite large and significant, not only being a passive follower of the agenda, but we all know that we have a bigger role," Kacaribu stated.

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Climate change, in addition to economic fragmentation, is being discussed at this year's AIFED.

The reason is that climate change currently affects not only the environmental side but also the economic side of many countries.

As a result, the transition to new and renewable energy (NRE) was debated in a separate session of AIFED 2023.

The rise of the technology industry, which led to the "technology cold war" that occurred among industrialized countries, was also considered in the AIFED 2023.

Through the AIFED 2023 forum, Kacaribu considered that Indonesia should be able to map the possibility of global power shifts in the future to find the best policy solution.

AIFED 2023 was also attended by Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Vice President of East and Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Asian Development Bank (ADB), as well as Australian Ambassador to Indonesia Penny Williams, who delivered a virtual speech.

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