Jakarta (ANTARA) - President of Indonesia Joko Widodo (Jokowi) stated that investment in green energy and environmentally friendly blue energy is an opportunity for Indonesia in its efforts to increase equitable national development.

"Related to equitable development, now, investment outside Java is 52 percent, investment in Java is 48 percent. This means that investment outside Java is greater than investment in Java. This is correct," President Jokowi remarked during the opening of the National Coordination Meeting Investment 2023 monitored online in Jakarta, Thursday.

The president emphasized the need for Indonesia to transition to developing environmentally friendly and sustainable industries in order to capture global investment market opportunities.

Jokowi cited an example that it is related to geothermal, which in the last two months has seen shares jump seven to ten folds on the Indonesian stock exchange, as it is in the green energy circle.

Moreover, solar panel and hydro-power generating industries are highly promising future investment opportunities for Indonesia, Jokowi stated.

"Hence, green economy opportunities must be captured, (and) investment in the so-called blue economy must be immediately pursued. (It is) because in future, it will be very difficult for products that are not environmentally friendly to be accepted in many countries," he stated.

On the occasion, Jokowi gave directions to relevant stakeholders, including regional government officials, to encourage equitable investment outside Java through support from the central government in providing adequate infrastructure.

President Jokowi also emphasized the importance of the government's role in collaborating with foreign and domestic entrepreneurs in realizing equitable national development.

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Translator: Andi Firdaus, Cindy Frishanti Octavia
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