Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Transportation has optimized preparations for Nusantara Day activities on Tidore Islands, North Maluku, from December 10–13, 2023.

"We have prepared the boats for the crossing from Ternate to Tidore. We have beautified Bastiong Port and Rum Port so they can serve crossings for tourists and the event participants," secretary of the ministry's Directorate General of Land Transportation, Amirulloh, informed here on Friday.

The directorate, which is responsible for the event's summit day, is coordinating with related parties, including ministries, agencies, and local governments, to make the annual event a success.

Amirulloh's side has also prepared transportation infrastructure and facilities to support the event, which is themed "Knitting Nusantara Connectivity and Maritime Economy from Zero Point of the Spice Route."

The ministry has installed street lighting in Tidore and prepared 30 free minibuses to transport people from Ternate to the port, and from the port to the event venue.

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Amirulloh said that his side has coordinated with the Directorate General of Sea Transportation, which has extended the dock at Trikora Port, Tidore, so that it can be used for large-bodied ships.

"There will also be a floating hotel during the Nusantara Day, which is PT Pelni's KM Tatamailau with a capacity of one thousand passengers," he disclosed.

Additionally, the ministry will prepare Baabullah Airport in Ternate to serve passengers flying from outside North Maluku.

Mayor of Tidore, Ibrahim, said that his side has prepared a series of events, which will take place from December 10 to the summit on December 13.

The events will include Expo Nusantara, a cultural carnival, and dance performances. A popular band group will perform on the last day of the annual event.

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