Tainan, Taiwan--(ANTARA/Business Wire)-- The Tainan City Museum is set to open on Dec. 22. If you're familiar with or have visited the National Palace Museum, this museum, named after “Tainan,” is a must-visit. The Tainan City Museum houses a diverse collection of invaluable artifacts spanning from prehistoric to modern times. These treasures unfold stories of the interactions between the Dutch and indigenous people, depict how pirates once dominated the southeastern coast of China, showcase how the Qing Empire extended its rule to Taiwan, and delve into the transformative changes brought by the arrival of the Japanese to Taiwan, among other stories. This museum will tell captivating tales of artifacts and unveil numerous unheard stories of this city through different means.
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Director-general of the Tainan City Cultural Affairs Bureau Hsieh Shih-yuan introduced that during the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912 A.D.), Tainan was where the Taiwan Prefecture was located. The museum showcases Taiwan’s most extensive array of locally found artifacts dating back to the Qing Dynasty, ranging from the official clothing worn by local officials to the tools used in daily religious ceremonies and weddings. The collection also includes historical records detailing how officials and civilians joined hands to combat bandits. Yet, history is a collective narrative shaped by all who have inhabited this land. As reflected in the opening permanent exhibition "Creating Tainan: Our History" and a special Life Story Series exhibition titled "Traditional Grocery Stores," Tainan witnessed the arrival of diverse groups of people, leading to the convergence of varied cultures. This collision ignites cultural exchanges and accumulations that fundamentally shape Tainan's society, serving as vital nourishment for its role as Taiwan's cultural capital.

Situated in southern Taiwan, Tainan is approximately 90 minutes away from Taipei by the high-speed rail. It stands as one of Taiwan's oldest cities and is revered as the nation’s cultural capital. In addition to its rich cultural and religious heritage sites, Tainan is also celebrated for its cuisine. For instance, one of Tainan's must-try dishes is milkfish, which represents Tainan's centuries-long evolution. It's commonly viewed as the epitome of Tainan’s history and continues to be an indispensable element in the daily lives of many locals even today.

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