Batu City, East Java (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), on Thursday, stated that the newly inaugurated Among Tani Central Market in Batu City, East Java Province, is the largest of its kind in Indonesia.

"I believe this is the biggest market I have ever seen in Indonesia," he remarked after inaugurating the market that stretches across 3.4 hectares of land.

The president noted that the Among Tani Central Market has a capacity to accommodate around 2,700 kiosks and stalls that can be utilized by merchants. He then remarked that the central market is divided into three zones, including one dedicated for food and culinary products.

Jokowi said he views the building of Among Tani Central Market as a majestic structure standing in Batu City while noting that the building has three floors that have been organized and arranged well.

"When I entered the market, I found that the kiosks had been properly arranged and so were the stalls. The market also has a special zone for culinary and food merchants," Jokowi elaborated.

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The central government had allocated Rp166 billion (US$10.7 million) from the State Budget (APBN) for developing the Among Tani Central Market that commenced operations on October 2 this year. The newly inaugurated large market also stands as a new tourism icon of Batu City.

The Among Tani Central Market is designed as a three-floor market, with each floor housing one zone. The first floor, with an area of around 14,990 square meters, is designated as a wet zone, while an area of about 14,143 square meters on the second floor is allocated for the dry zone.

Meanwhile, merchants offering food products are provided with a dedicated zone on the third floor, with an area totaling 6,032.86 square meters.

In fact, the Among Tani Central Market also has its own wastewater treatment plant (IPAL) installed.

The development process of the market began in 2021, with the design aimed at accommodating approximately 2,630 merchants. Currently, the market hosts 1,716 kiosks and 914 stalls.

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