Jakarta (ANTARA) - Deputy Speaker of the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) Lestari Moerdijat reminded Indonesian youths of the possible positive and negative impacts of digital transformation during an online event in Kudus, Central Java, on Friday (December 15).

As cited from a statement received here on Saturday, Moerdijat opined that digital transformation is much like two sides of the same coin, saying that such a process could help people boost their capacity while simultaneously providing some with an opportunity to misuse digital technology.

"Why is it necessary to pay attention to digital transformation? Because rapid developments in technology might not be on par with the people's capacity to comprehend and keep up with the rapidity itself," she stated at an event attended by college students.

Moerdijat observed that not all technology users are aware of the rapid transformation of technology itself, thereby leading some people to take advantage of the situation to spread negative contents that are inconsistent with the Indonesian culture and applicable law.

Bearing that in mind, she deemed it necessary for young people to bolster their comprehension of themselves as well as the cultural, religious, moral, and national values upheld by the Indonesian nation.

In addition to being an instrument for facilitating people's activities, technology can be viewed as a tool whose use could lead people to abandon the noble values adhered to by their nation without even realizing it.

She then emphasized the need for the nation's youths to possess the capability of sifting through information and identifying the impacts of technological development.

To that end, she underscored the need for young people to be able to redefine the proper learning model for them.

Moerdijat remarked that Indonesian young talents could choose several learning models, such as problem-based learning, project- or program-based learning, community-based learning, technology-based learning, and challenge-based learning.

By opting for the most suitable learning model, young people are expected to have a better understanding of the challenges they face without neglecting the nation's values and wisdom.

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