Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Financial Services Authority (OJK) blocked four thousand online gambling accounts in the last three months to protect the public from the economic and social dangers of online gambling.

"In the past three months, we have ordered banks to block more than four thousand online gambling accounts," OJK Chief Executive of Banking Supervision Dian Ediana Rae stated here on Saturday.

Blocking accounts is one of the efforts to minimize and limit the space for online gambling transactions through the banking system, he remarked.

He explained that accounts allegedly associated with online gambling can be blocked, and the technical steps for blocking are taken under coordination with ministries and agencies, including the Communication and Informatics Ministry and the banking industry.

In addition to blocking bank accounts, Rae stated that the OJK provides special guidance to banks about online gambling, educates the public about the dangers of online gambling, and conducts cooperation with other related parties.

He affirmed that the Indonesian banking industry has a strong commitment to supporting the eradication of online gambling by blocking accounts based on OJK's orders.

Banks, in their support of fighting online gambling, also identify, provide tools, and monitor unusual transactions.

The OJK has ordered banks to block accounts suspected of being used for illegal activities, including online gambling.

According to Rae, banks have the responsibility to recognize customer profiles and their behavior in using their accounts.

If any unusual or suspicious activities are found, the bank must report them to the Financial Transaction Reporting and Analysis Center (PPATK) and take measures to prevent the account from being used to facilitate crimes.

"In certain situations, banks can temporarily suspend transactions and block accounts if there is an order from law enforcement officials as well as relevant authorities, including OJK," Rae remarked.

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Translator: Martha S, Kenzu
Editor: Azis Kurmala
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