Jakarta (ANTARA) - The government continues to coordinate with relevant stakeholders to ensure that the prices of basic necessities remain stable and inflation rate is under control during Christmas and New Year holidays, Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan stated.

"Do not worry, as the government has guaranteed controlled prices and supply of basic goods. We have also been maintaining the inflation rate to remain at the targeted level," the minister noted in a written statement in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Hasan remarked that the year-end period marked a positive milestone in the government's efforts to maintain the stability of prices and supply of basic commodities throughout 2023 while noting that the national inflation rate stood at only 2.19 percent as per November.

"This figure is favorable, considering that our target is maintaining the rate between two and four percent. Meanwhile, the rate recorded during the same period last year was at 2.86 percent," he pointed out.

The Ministry of Trade has been periodically conducting price and supply observation using its Market and Basic Needs Monitoring System.

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Based on the observation of 679 markets in 503 districts and cities on December 22, the prices of basic goods have been stable, with some experiencing declines.

Regions in Sumatra, Java, and Sulawesi have witnessed declines in the prices of chilies following a gradual increase of their supplies.

Meanwhile, the prices of several commodities were observed to be stable. The commodities include wheat flour, purebred chicken meat, purebred chicken eggs, garlic, as well as medium-grade and premium-grade rice.

The government's Food Supply and Price Stabilization Program has been instrumental in keeping the prices of rice at a stable level. Nationally, medium-grade rice is offered for Rp13,700 (US$0.89) per kilogram, while premium-grade rice is being sold for Rp15,100 (US$0.98) per kg.

Furthermore, the government has been implementing the domestic market obligation policy and distributing MinyaKita -- the subsidized cooking oil brand launched by the Trade Ministry -- to maintain stable price and supply of cooking oil at home.

The national average prices for bulk cooking oil were recorded at Rp14,500 (US$0.94) per liter, MinyaKita oil at Rp15,100 per liter, and premium-grade cooking oil at Rp20,600 (US$1.34) per liter.

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