Jakarta (ANTARA) - The price of red cayenne pepper that had increased in traditional markets started to return to the normal range at Rp70 thousand per kg after Christmas and New Year celebrations, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) stated.

President Jokowi, through the Presidential Secretariat YouTube live broadcast here on Tuesday, stated that rice prices, which were affected by Super El Nino, have been brought under control owing to the national rice reserve strategy.

“I checked the highly increasing prices, wherein cayenne pepper was up to Rp120 thousand, but now, it has dropped to Rp70 thousand," Jokowi stated while reviewing food prices at a traditional market in Purworejo, Central Java.

He also checked the price of rice that is currently affected by the Super El Nino due to 22 countries in the world stopping their rice exports to various nations.

"Due to the Super El Nino, 22 countries have stopped rice export, (thereby) making rice and food prices rise globally. All countries experience this," he pointed out.

However, the president ensured that the rice price hike in Indonesia was not as drastic as that in other countries owing to supply control strategies implemented at the State Logistics Agency (Bulog) throughout regions.

Jokowi remarked that national rice reserves were at 1.4 million tons until the end of 2023, and that quantity would be increased again through the purchase of rice from several countries.

He ensured that national rice reserves in 2024 will remain at a safe level, although the annual harvest in rice-producing regions is expected to decline.

"We can control it because Bulog's current stock is very good," he stated.

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