Biak, Papua (ANTARA) - The Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry has included Biak Numfor, Papua, in the national tourism priority program.

"This year, the tourism program in Biak Numfor has become a national agenda after successfully holding the 2023 Sail Teluk Cenderawasih," head of the Biak Numfor Tourism Office, Onny Dangeubun, informed here on Wednesday.

Dangeubun said that with it being listed in the national tourism priority program, Biak Numfor is now one step ahead in preparing itself as a national tourist zone.

Biak Numfor's beaches and historical objects from World War II are its leading tourist attractions, he added.

"The Biak local government has added various facilities and infrastructure in the tourist attractions to support the (tourism) priority zone of Biak Numfor," he said.

With the central government's support last year, he informed, the Biak Numfor district government built infrastructure at Samau Beach, the location of the Sail Teluk Cenderawasih event, and the mangrove tourism park in Rim village.

There is also the Yenyabo Beach in Sorido village, Biak Kota sub-district, which has complete facilities now, Dangeubun said.

Furthermore, the area has the Segara Indah, Soryar, Anggopi, Anggaduber, Waterbasis, Wari, and Tiga Raja beaches, in addition to the modern fishermen's village Samber in Binyeri and the Tanjung Saruri tourism object.

Some World War II historical objects here include the Binsari Japanese Cave and the Paray Monument. Then there is the Biak cultural art performance of firewalking.

According to the government, Biak Numfor's geographical location makes the region very strategic for the development of industrial zones, tourism, fisheries, and space research.

According to ANTARA's observation on Wednesday afternoon, many Biak residents visited Samau Beach, where the Sail Teluk Cenderawasih event was held, to enjoy the sunset with their family members.

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