Biak (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) personally inaugurated the Sail Teluk Cenderawasih (STC) national tourism event on Samau Beach, Biak Numfor District, Papua Province, on Thursday.

Four districts in Papua Province, namely Biak Numfor, Sarmi, Waropen, and Yapen Islands, are hosting the event that constitutes one of Indonesia's national strategic programs.

In his opening remarks, the president expressed hope that the national agenda that will feature various activities, including musical performances, would help the government to continue to promote local cultures and products at the national and international levels.

Jokowi said he believes that the 2023 STC will lead to an increase in the number of tourists and potential investors visiting Indonesia's Papua region.

The holding of the STC should continue and involve an even broader population, especially people running micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), in the hopes of providing concrete benefits to communities, he stated.

Meanwhile, Investment Minister Bahlil Lahadalia, who accompanied the president during the inauguration ceremony, noted that the 2023 STC is drawing the participation of about 10 thousand people and is more spectacular as compared to events alike.

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He noted that the STC in Biak Numfor is carrying "Affirming Indonesia's Maritime Sovereignty in the Pacific" as its theme.

"This event is receiving full support from the people, local governments, TNI (Indonesian Defense Forces), Polri (National Police), BKKBN (National Population and Family Planning Agency), and several ministries," he pointed out.

Lahadalia explained that one of the objectives behind holding the national-level event is to promote downstream efforts as well as the blue economy for the sake of optimizing Papua's fishery and marine potentials.

Biak Numfor District Head Herry Ario Naap, on his part, remarked that the 2023 STC would also feature fishery product exports, tourism promotion, a diplomatic tour, business matching, an exhibition for MSMEs, and Papuan cultural and art performances.

"The Biak Numfor government would like to thank President Jokowi for coming and opening the STC here," Naap remarked.

After his participation in the STC, President Jokowi will continue his agendas in Papua region by officiating a modern fishermen's village in Biak Numfor before inaugurating Siboru Airport in Fakfak District, West Papua Province.

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