Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-owned electricity company PT PLN recorded a 5.32 percent increase in the 2023 electricity sales (year-on-year/yoy), from 270.82 terawatt hour (TWh) in 2022 to 285.23 TWh in 2023.

PLN President Director Darmawan Prasodjo stated that the achievement is the result of a change in perspective on business development.

“From previously being stagnant, backward-looking, and supply-oriented, business development has now become expansive, dynamic, forward-looking, demand-oriented, and customer satisfaction-oriented,” Prasodjo noted in a statement received here in Jakarta on Monday.

PLN recorded that the business segment is one of the main supports, with growth reaching 12.53 percent. Meanwhile, the industry segment is the biggest contributor to electricity sales, amounting to 30.72 percent of the total selling energy.

PLN also noted a positive achievement in 2023 that was supported by the company’s extensification strategies. Through the strategy, PLN created new electricity demand that responded to Indonesia's needs.

One of the extensification strategies is the captive power acquisition program that encourages business and industry customers to shift from their own electric power plants to PLN’s electricity.

In 2023, PLN recorded 10 big customers who joined the captive power acquisition program.

In April 2023, four companies joined the program: PT South Pacific in West Java, with 33 megavolt amperes (MVA) of power; PT Yamaha Indonesia in West Java, with 7.5 MVA of power; PT Grand Indonesia I in Jakarta, with 10.5 MVA of power; and PT Grand Indonesia II, with 11 MVA of power.

In May 2023, PT Bridgestone Tire in West Java joined, with 9.69 MVA of power.

In October 2023, five companies joined the program: PT Pindodeli I in West Java, with 45 MVA of power; PT Pindodeli II in West Java, with 45 MVA of power; PT Indah Kiat Serang in Banten Province, with 58 MVA of power; PT Aspek Kumbong in West Java, with 40 MVA of power; and PT Indah Kiat Tangerang in Banten, with 8.66 MVA of power.

Some companies that also extend their membership in the program are PT GT Petrochem in Banten, PT Cheil Jedang in East Java, PT Cemindo in Banten, PT Sasa Inti in East Java, PT Adiprima Suraprinta in East Java, and PT Plaza Ind Realty in Jakarta.

Apart from the captive power acquisition program, PLN conducted its extensification strategies through the agriculture electrifying program and the marine electrifying program.

The programs aim to ease business actors in the respective industries to obtain electricity access that will make their businesses more productive and eco-friendly.

“We are ready to drive the wheels of the country's economy by fulfilling electricity needs in Indonesia, especially for the business and industry sectors,” Prasodjo stated.

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Translator: Yuni Arisandy Sinaga
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