Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto sent off the hospital aid ship KRI dr. Radjiman Wedyodiningrat-992 from the Indonesian Navy's Command of Military Sea Traffic in Jakarta on Thursday to bring aid for Gazans.

The ship brings aid, such as food, clothing, mineral water, and medicines, from Jakarta to Al Arish, a city in Egypt that borders Rafah in Gaza.

"This is our proof of support to Palestinians in their struggle to defend themselves and achieve their independence. We continue to help with what we can do for them," the minister remarked during the send-off ceremony accompanied by Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Muhammad Ali.

During the event, Subianto directly checked the readiness of the ship and personnel. He also spoke with Egypt 2024 Task Force Commander, Commodore Bimo Aji, who led the humanitarian mission to Palestine.

The minister admitted that the humanitarian mission was not an easy operation, as the Indonesian Navy soldiers would be sailing through quite dangerous waters.

"This task is quite dangerous because they will pass through war areas, namely around the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, which is currently raging in open war," he remarked.

He then expressed gratitude to Admiral Ali and other humanitarian agencies that helped this humanitarian operation.

"In the future, we will also continue our assistance to Palestine. We have planned to send planes to transport aid, ships, and provide continuous assistance. They really need it," Subianto emphasized.

The KRI dr. Radjiman has been docking in Jakarta since November 30, 2023, in preparation for sending aid to El Arish, Egypt, for the Palestinian people in Gaza. The hospital aid ship was initially planned not only to deliver aid but also to carry out health services on board and provide care to refugees from Gaza.

However, the permission given by the Egyptian government, so far, has only allowed the ship to deliver aid and make a friendly visit to El Arish, Egypt.

The ship, with 214 crew onboard, is scheduled to sail for 52 days from Jakarta via Batam to El Arish, Egypt, and return to Indonesia. The ship is also scheduled for a port visit in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Of the 214 crew, 40 are members of the Indonesian Navy's special forces.

Assistance brought by the ship comprises 532 sacks of Pampers, 600 sacks of children's clothing, 700 sacks and 500 boxes of adult clothing, 800 cartons of milk, 650 boxes of biscuits, 1,254 gallons and 1,700 boxes of mineral water, 460 boxes of medicines, 450 sacks of blankets, 450 sacks of jackets, and 470 boxes of instant noodles.

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