Malang, East Java (ANTARA) - Chief of the Presidential Staff (KSP) Moeldoko stated that President Joko Widodo's (Jokowi's) recent statement that the president and ministers have democratic and political rights to participate in campaigns is part of democracy education.

After conducting the Friday prayer in Singosari Sub-District, here on Friday, Moeldoko said the president's statement made recently was in accordance with the applicable law.

"The context of the president's (statement) recently was to provide democracy education. It is based on the law," Moeldoko remarked.

The rule regarding campaigns is regulated in Law No. 7 of 2017 concerning General Elections, which states that the president, the vice president, and other state officials, who are members of political parties, are allowed to participate in campaigns.

Moeldoko said, the law clearly states that the president and vice president can carry out campaigns, but they are not allowed to use government facilities for campaign purposes.

"Except for security measures. The laws that we uphold should not be based on assumptions or feelings because we are a country that is based on the law, not assumptions," he remarked.

However, Moeldoko emphasized that the president was not going to take part in the campaigns of any candidate pairs.

In addition, there is no official information on whether President Jokowi will apply for leave.

"The president does not necessarily mean he is preparing for campaigning. Regarding the (issue on) his application for leave, we should not rush to talk about it," Moeldoko stated.

Earlier, on Wednesday (January 24), President Jokowi stated that the president and ministers have democratic and political rights that allow them to take part in election campaigns without using state facilities.

Jokowi made this statement in response to several ministers from the Indonesia Onward Cabinet that took part as the winning team to support the presidential and vice presidential candidate pairs participating in the 2024 presidential election.

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