Manokwari, West Papua (ANTARA) - The Agriculture Ministry has provided mentoring to improve the quality of agricultural extension human resources in West Papua province to help them carry out their duties optimally.

The mentoring program for agricultural extension workers, farmers, and millennial farmers aims to solve the global food crisis, said Dedi Nursyamsi, Head of the Agency for Agricultural Extension Workers and Human Resources Development (BPPSDMP), on Saturday.

The program started in November 2023 and will continue so that extension workers and farmers can increase their productivity to support food security.

"We continue to train farmers and extension workers regularly in all parts of Indonesia, including West Papua," Nursyamsi said.

He added that extension workers have a strategic role in assisting farmers directly in order to increase the productivity of rice, corn, and other local food commodities.

Farmers are expected to use natural materials to produce organic, biological, compost, and natural-based pesticides to reduce dependence on chemical fertilizers.

"Agricultural human resources must be guided and mentored so that they can be independent. The threat of the global food crisis and extreme climate change is not over," he said.

Through the mentoring of agricultural human resources, the government is optimistic that Indonesia can overcome the food crisis and achieve food self-sufficiency in 2025–2026, he added.

Starting this year, the government has committed to reducing rice imports, hence, the agricultural sector across Indonesia will need to be optimized by increasing rice and corn productivity.

"This year, imports must be reduced, and Indonesia must be self-sufficient in the upcoming years," Nursyamsi said.

He also invited all farmers and extension workers in West Papua to synergize to realize food resilience and reduce dependence on other regions, such as South Sulawesi, for food supply.

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