Batam, Riau Islands (ANTARA) - Deputy chief of the National Police (Polri), Commissioner General Agus Andrianto, here on Friday assured that police officers are ready to maintain security on voting day, that is, February 14, 2024.

He conveyed the statement after handing over social assistance under the Police's Social and Health Service program at Temenggung Abdul Jamal Stadium in Batam city.

"I believe that the chief of the (Riau Islands) Regional Police is ready for the election. If the police are close to the people, there will be no problems that cannot be resolved. Security will be maintained," he said.

He then invited the entire community to help realize security and create a safe and peaceful atmosphere during the 2024 elections.

"Let's help the police officers to realize security and create a conducive atmosphere, especially ahead of the 2024 elections," he said.

Meanwhile, the Riau Islands Regional Police said that it will deploy 3,747 personnel to secure the elections so that they can take place safely and peacefully.

Chief of the Riau Islands Regional Police, Inspector General Yan Fitri Halimansyah, said in Batam on Tuesday (January 30) that 3,747 personnel have been readied to secure voting day. More personnel will be prepared to maximize security.

Police officers will also be kept on standby in the outer islands seven days before (D-7) voting day.

"We hope that they can already position themselves D-6 or D-5 in their respective (assignment) locations," Halimansyah said.

He added that the situation in Riau Islands has remained conducive ahead of the elections, and all stakeholders in the province are working together to ensure peaceful election implementation.

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