Jakarta (ANTARA) - Religious leaders who are members of the Peduli Indonesia Damai (Care for Peaceful Indonesia) Forum have called upon all elements of the nation and its people to help realize honest, fair, and dignified election implementation.

"We convey this as the Peduli Indonesia Damai Forum that a peaceful, direct, general, free, secret, honest, fair, and respectful election will result in the best president, vice president, and people's representatives," the chair of Spiritual Nusantara, Sri Eko Sriyanto Galgendu, said while reading a statement at the Communion of Churches in Indonesia (PGI) Building in Jakarta on Monday, where religious leaders were gathered.

The religious leaders present at the event included Marsyudi Syuhud, the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) deputy chairperson; Cardinal Mgr. Ignatius Suharyo of the Archdiocese of Jakarta; Gomar Gultom, the PGI chairperson; and Wisnu Bawa Tenaya from the Indonesian Hindu Dharma Society.

They further included Philip K. Wijaya, chair of the Indonesian Buddhist Association; Budi S. Tanuwibowo from the Supreme Council for the Confucian Religion in Indonesia (Matakin); Sri Eko Sriyanto Galgendu, the leader of Spiritual Nusantara; and Engkus Ruswana of the Presidium of Indonesian Ancestral Religions.

Galgendu said that this was the third such call made by the forum after the Jakarta Cathedral Church and a hotel some time ago.

In their call, the religious leaders outlined six points.

First, they urged Indonesians to exercise their right to vote responsibly and not be absent on voting day.

Second, they invited people to make choices with a free spirit, independence, and based on their conscience.

Third, they asked people to actively participate in maintaining the smooth implementation of the election; fourth, they urged people to support candidates who uphold election principles; fifth, they encouraged people to prioritize unity despite differences in choices; and lastly, the forum reminded the people that the election is important for determining the nation's future.

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