Jakarta (ANTARA) - Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas affirmed that the celebration of Chinese New Year (CNY) 2575 Kongzili is the right momentum for self-reflection, self-evaluation, and transformation towards social sensitivity and glory.

"We can build togetherness and solidarity as well as foster care and a sense of togetherness among the citizens," Qoumas remarked while opening the national CNY 2575 Kongzili celebration here on Monday.

"Shame when knowing no shame, which makes people not bear shame" was the theme of the national CNY celebration, the minister stated.

The minister elaborated that this theme is intended to remind all parties of the importance of having a sense of shame in line with the beliefs of Confucians.

"That being said, if one day we can renew ourselves, renew it every day, and keep it new forever, by daily self-reflection that makes us all aware of the importance of (the sense of) shame within us," Qoumas remarked.

According to the minister, the awareness of shame is related to strengthening integrity, which is a work culture at the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

In addition, he said, Confucians are one of the nation's elements that participate in strengthening national unity.

"Recognizing the existence of Confucianism just like any other religion and guaranteeing the right of Confucians to practice religion by expressing their cultural values in this country we love," he stated.

Hence, Minister Qoumas invited all Confucians to continue to work on self-improvement to deepen relations, knit diversity, and build brotherhood.

"Uniting all the nation's strengths and building synergy between various elements will let us cultivate the country's superior potential in order to realize Golden Indonesia 2045," he stated.

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