Sleman (ANTARA) - State-owned company PT Tawan Wisata Candi (TWC) Borobudur, Prambanan and Ratu Boko Temple provided training and waste sorting practices to food street vendors in the Prambanan Temple destination area to support environmentally friendly tourism.

"This training is to increase public awareness of environmentally friendly culture through waste recycling efforts in tourist areas," Corporate Secretary of LLC TWC AY Suhartanto stated in Sleman, Yogyakarta, on Thursday.

According to Suhartanto, this training program is also the implementation of the Social Pillar and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12, namely Responsible Production and Consumption.

"The implementation of this program is part of the implementation of social responsibility, which is also contained in one of the core (sections) of ISO 26000, namely environmental responsibility," he remarked.

He explained that the waste sorting training was a form of the company's commitment in implementing "sustainable tourism" that is more environmentally friendly by minimizing the amount of waste produced per day.

"This is expected to also help the local government by minimizing the burden of waste disposed of to the TPU. The Prambanan Temple destination can be an example of responsible waste management," Suhartanto stated.

Suhartanto noted that maintaining the sustainability of the destination is the responsibility of all parties: managers, traders, and tourists.

"Through this training, it is expected that every trader in Prambanan Temple has the awareness to sort and choose waste regularly, so that it creates a comfortable and beautiful destination area to visit," he stated.

The training program held on Tuesday (Feb 13) was attended by 50 food traders in the Prambanan Temple area by presenting speakers of Panggungharjo Village Head Wahyudi Anggoro Hadi, Corporate Secretary Angkut Sholahuddin Nurazmy, and training facilitator Anita Yuli Hastuti.

The first day's activities featured "Focus Group Discussion" (FGD) on waste sorting.

He remarked that after the activity, traders will still be accompanied through monitoring and evaluation aimed at observing the consistency of waste sorting activities.

"The enthusiasm of the traders at Prambanan Temple in participating in this activity is a manifestation of a joint commitment in maintaining the sustainability of the tourism ecosystem in Indonesia," he remarked.

One of the trainees, Dwi Prihanto, stated that this activity is crucial for raising knowledge about the garbage sorting process, which has an impact on minimizing the amount of waste that is discarded.

According to Prihanto, the involvement of various parties can have a significant impact in overcoming waste problems in the Prambanan Temple Tourism Park destination.

"Let us each keep the tourist environment of Prambanan Temple clean by taking care and sorting the waste produced. The task of solving the waste problem is a joint task, and we must bear it together," he stated.

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